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Affordable, Craft-optimized hosting plans from industry leading providers

Great Websites Deserve Great Hosting

Many freelance developers’ services end when the coding is complete. If you've already got hosting figured out that’s great. I can evaluate your hosting environment to make sure your new small business website will operate efficiently there. Otherwise, if you don’t already have hosting provisioned for your new site I can host the site for you or help you find a great hosting provider.

I have relationships with industry leading companies like Media Temple and Digital Ocean to provide affordable, scalable, and highly available hosting packages tuned for optimal performance.

One Stop Shop

Hosting with me is not just affordable, it also comes with additional optional services like automated backups and emails It also reduces long term risk since I’m already familiar with the environment and how it’s configured. My Media Temple and Digital Ocean servers are rock solid, but if an issue does arise I’m able to log in quickly and get to work without spending critical time hunting things down.

Got Support?

Treat your new small business website like a business priority. Sign up for a monthly support plan for peace of mind, priority customer support, and escalated response times on important requests.

Website Support Plans