ExpressionEngine® Development

ExpressionEngine® is a commercial CMS platform written by EllisLab. It's built on an open source foundation of PHP and MySQL (using the CodeIgniter® framework) while enjoying the benefits of corporate-backed support and active development.

Since 2006 I've used ExpressionEngine® on many client projects including small-scale brochure sites, online magazines, local business websites, portfolio sites, all the way up to membership subscription e-commerce integrated online communities.

ExpressionEngine® is a favorite CMS of many creative agencies, startups, online magazines, corporations and educational institutions for many reasons:

  1. ExpressionEngine® is incredibly flexible. Developers love EE because it doesn't impose a rigid data model on your content. We get to design your data model according to your specific project requirements.
  2. ExpressionEngine® is extensible. Its modular architecture allows developers to extend its core features and even add new functionality on top of existing features.
  3. ExpressionEngine® has a significant community. Some of the most influential and revered professionals in the web design industry use ExpressionEngine®. The  #eecms hashtag on Twitter is very active and many EE professionals publish blog articles and tutorials to help other EE developers overcome common (and even edge-case) challenges.
  4. There's an ExpressionEngine® add-on for that. EE's modular and well-documented architecture has spawned an entire ecosystem for third-party commercial EE modules, extensions and add ons. Check out Devot-ee, the official marketplace for EE add ons. You'll find everything from simple string manipulation plugins, to elaborate field types, to e-commerce modules which can be integrated into your next ExpressionEngine® project. This often saves hundreds of hours of custom development.
  5. Commercial software support. Not only is the core platform supported by a team of professional developers and support staff, but any third-party commercial add-on that's integrated into your project will also be supported by their respective developers. These are software companies whose business is designing, developing and supporting their software. Their products are well-documented and the authors are generally very responsive and helpful if questions arise. Their software is also kept up-to-date and upgrades are usually included in the original license fee.
  6. Rock solid security. ExpressionEngine® has an impeccable security record. Other content management systems and extended blogging platforms in the industry have become easy targets for malicious attacks, exploiting security holes left open by core authors. But EE's authors have taken advantage of CodeIgniter®'s excellent core security class and XSS filters to sanitize all incoming data before it's processed or written to the database and/or filesystem. All third-party add-on authors can also leverage these same CodeIgniter® classes in their modules, field-types, extensions and plugins.

Contact me to discuss how ExpressionEngine® can be used in your next web project.