Craft CMS Integrations

I'm really excited about Craft, a relatively new CMS released by Pixel & Tonic. It's a licensed and supported content management system running on PHP and MySQL and is quickly becoming a favorite CMS among creative agencies and developers for many great reasons:

  1. Flexible data model. Craft doesn’t make any assumptions about your content. You’re in charge of defining it by setting up custom fields to capture the information you need. Craft even comes with 16 different types of fields to choose from. 
  2. Tons of core features. Craft ships FREE with:
    • An admin account,
    • One Channel section (for repeating content like journal entries),
    • Five Single sections (for one-off pages like your homepage),
    • Unlimited Category Groups,
    • Unlimited Global Sets (for global content),
    • Unlimited Tag Groups (for creating folksonomies),
    • Unlimited Asset Sources (for storing uploaded images and other files), and
    • Unlimited custom fields and groups, with access to all of the built-in field types.
  3. Pay for additional features you may need. If the core features aren't enough for your project you can purchase licenses (right from the control panel!) to add extra features:
    • Craft Client (one additional client account, unlimited sections, unlimited structures, unlimited singles, entry drafts and versioning, and user permissions)
    • Craft Pro (unlimited user accounts, user groups, user permissions, public user registration, cloud storage [Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Cloud Storage], and localization to translate your content for multiple languages)
  4. Powerful field types: Assets, Checkboxes, Color, Date/Time, Dropdown, Entries Lightswitch, Multi-select, Number, Plain Text, Rich Text (text area with editor), Table, Tags, Users and my favorite… MATRIX.
  5. Globally reusable fields. Once you’ve created some fields, you can assign them to your sections, users, assets, tags, Matrix fields, and global sets, as you see fit.
  6. Modular and extensible. Built on the Yii MVC framework, Craft's architecture allows for third-party developers to build their own add ons which you can integrate into your Craft projects.
  7. Clean, simple and responsive control panel.
  8. One-click updating.
  9. Request support directly from the control panel.
  10. Active and helpful community.

Contact me to talk about using Craft on your next web project.