Javascript & jQuery

Engineering websites and web applications is a multi-faceted practice. HTML5, CSS3, databases, server-side PHP, client-side Javascript, third-party API's, Content Delivery Networks, caching layers, and more, are all working together to deliver an optimal user experience.

Javascript provides a way for your web browser (you) to interact with the HTML document requested from the server. It allows developers create apps with rich user interfaces and meaningful interactions between the user and the system.

With Javascript we can:

  1. Send data to the server and get a response without a whole new page request,
  2. Update or change just part of the page after a user interaction,
  3. Hide non-critical portions of the page, and show them as needed,
  4. Animate design elements on the page,
  5. Trigger events and actions according to user input or scrolling,
  6. Make a static HTML document behave like desktop software.

jQuery is a powerful, browser-agnostic Javascript framework that makes all this (and more) possible with fewer lines of code.

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